Friday, April 4, 2014

ABC's of Creativitly Homeschooling: D is for Dress Up

You may think that "playing dress up" is only for preschoolers. Have you ever thought of using it for your older kids too? My four year old loves dressing up in princess clothes but my oldest still likes to do it on occasion too! Today I want to share some ideas for using dress up in your schooling.

Younger Children

You may be able to get old uniforms from places like Goodwill or other thrift stores. These are a great way to let kids explore and pretend to be a variety of community workers.

Of course what little girl doesn't love dressing up as her favorite princess? For the boys you can provide capes and crowns, as well as play swords (if you approve of course)

Animal masks are a lot of fun for kiddos! They can be made out of what we talked about yesterday with the craft foam or with paper plates. Cut holes for eyes, add yarn or a stick and you have instant entertainment for quite a while!

Older Children
Dress as a famous person you are studying and role play a story you have read about them. I remember in fourth grade picking a famous person and telling their story to the rest of the class in a costume similar to what that person may have worn.
Extensive list of reader's theater scripts categorized by letter...Definitely one to keep handy!
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Act out a play you've read in your literature studies. Once you've finished learning about and reading a play some kids may get even more from it by doing a reader's theater of sorts. They don't have to memorize the words but can read them instead but act it out as you go through the play. If you have materials available you can have them dress up as the characters.

If you've been learning about ancient Rome your whole family could dress in togas for the day. Or if you've learned about another country you can find items that may have been worn by the people of that culture.

Have you used dress up in your schooling? I'd love to hear how you've done it!  

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  1. Jacquie, I homeschooled my kids and yes, we did a lot of dress up. If we couldn't find items around the house, we would go to the used clothing store and find stuff there, even really cheap used sheets to make things with. One time in particular we created a Native American powwow around a campfire in the middle of the living room. So glad to know that homeschooling is still alive and well. :D


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