Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Flexibility

Today's topic isn't really craft ideas but instead something that can lead to creatively homeschooling your children. Flexibility in your homeschool can lead you away from your original plans but it can make things more fun a times. Here's 3 ways to be flexible with your schooling.

1. Follow those rabbit trails!
Once in a while my kids will ask me about something. Lets say a particular animal. Instead of plugging along with your scheduled curriculum take a few minutes to find a book you may have, a video online or a fun game online. Kids learn best when they are interested in the topic so take a few minutes to go down those rabbit trails and have fun learning.

2. Impromptu Crafts/Projects
One day when learning about Germany we watched a video about a German castle. The kids had just gotten these Magformers that the kids love so we decided to build our own castle with them. There's been times that I've been attempting to organize my craft supplies and I get a fun idea for a craft. Our snowman ornaments came about that way. I was looking in my drawers and found the Styrofoam Balls and thought they'd make great snowmen. I started thinking about it and remembered the ribbon and buttons we had n another drawer. "Hey kids, let's make snowmen!" We had a fun morning too!

3. Change of scenery
Do you always school at the dining room table? In the school room? Why not switch it up and grab a comfy spot on the living room floor, the couch or even outside? If it's nice outside kids love the chance to get out there even if it is for school work. I remember begging teachers to take us outside for lessons when I was in school and we had a blast when we finally did!

4. Switch up your routine
I've tried having a set schedule for our school day but I find I get quite bored with the monotony of it. I know it works for many moms and are necessary for larger families (I may be needing one someday!) But for now I like just saying "what do you want to do next?" It works for me and keeps things interesting. I used to want school done before lunch and as I shared in my post about schooling with a baby in the house I was driving myself crazy with striving to keep to that schedule. Staying flexible with your routine can save your sanity too!

Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't get through your curriculum or that it's not important because it is but every now and then being flexible with your plans can be fun and refreshing for both you and your children! Think you're not creative enough for impromptu crafts or following rabbit trails? That's where things like Pinterest and fun blogs come in! I may have something that we want to learn about and I'll go searching for something fun to do with it. You won't always have time to do these things as busy moms but once in a while flexibility is a breath of fresh air. Give it a try and have fun! 

How do you stay flexible in your schooling? 

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  1. We're thinking about travelling for a year or so with my 11 year old which would involve home schooling I'll take a look around. Great tips here, cheers.
    On the A to Z Challenge Maggie@expatbrazil.


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