Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Egg Cartons: 10 Crafts to Celebrate Spring

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Today I have some fun ideas for you to use another item most of us have in our homes quite frequently. Egg cartons. They can be used for crafts, storage and more. Kids can use them to sort smaller objects like pom poms, buttons or beads. You can use them to match numbers or colors by putting the number or color in each egg spot and little ones count out buttons or find the matching colors to place into the egg carton. But today I wanted to focus on two main ideas since there's just a giant list of ideas that could go on and on. Spring crafts with egg cartons

1. Butterfly life cycle
I wish I could find the pictures of this that my kiddos have done! I may have to do it again and make it a separate post for you. Anyway, here's a general idea of how to use egg cartons to show the life cycle of a butterfly.

You'll need scissors to cut the egg carton apart, things to decorate with, pipe cleaners, construction paper or a coffee filter to the wings and maybe some googly eyes if you wish. 
Cut the egg carton in the following pieces.
1 egg carton for the caterpillar egg (put the inner edges together and tape to make cocoon) 
6 for the caterpillar
2 for the chrysalis
3 for the butterfly body

These are just too cute! Paint the back and use a pom pom and pipe cleaners for the head! 
Picture from Babble

I absolutely love this idea! I'm thankful for Google translator on my browser! Basically cut the flowers out of the egg carton, paint and glue onto a ring of cardboard painted green. I may have to try this with my kiddos!Picture from Country Over the Rainbow 

Turn a recycled egg carton into an adorable frog. A great craft project for the kids to celebrate spring and Earth Day!4. Frog
Another cute one that your kids will enjoy! You'll need one egg cup for the body and two for the head plus some pipe cleaners, buttons and googly eyes.
Paint egg cups green. Turn one upside down for the body 
Make legs out of pipe cleaners. Push them into the sides of the egg cup (sometimes a pencil helps get a hole started).
Cut the head pieces smaller and more round. Put the inside edges together and glue it onto the body. 
Glue googly eyes to the buttons and glue (maybe hot glue) onto the head. 

Cute Craft for Kids Chicks
These would be great to hide some treats in for a spring part or to include in your little one's Easter basket. You could even have the kiddos make them to give to friends along with a tract of some sort. Directions in the link provided.Picture from House of Whimsy

I really love this idea! No basket? No problem! You can have the kids paint and decorate the cartons then fill them with goodies for friends or even your kids. 

I've never thought of this but somebody did and it's a great idea! Fill with bird seed and hang outside. 

Made from two sections of the egg carton. Glued together and decorated! Craft and pic from Housing a Garden

A fun and simple idea with your egg cartons and pipe cleaners. Just about anything can be used to place them in when you're finished. 
Pic from Child Crafter 

10. A fun video
Want even more ideas?  I found this great video from some ladies in the UK that had fun ideas for egg cartons. Take a look and be inspired. 

As you can see there is no end to the things you can do with egg cartons! These are just a few ideas for spring but just a quick Google or Pinterest search will reveal crafts for any time of the year! 

Have fun creating with your egg cartons! What other spring crafts have you made with them? 


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  3. What awesome craft ideas. I love the flower wreath! I'll have to share this post with my daughter. She has six kids and they all love doing arts and crafts. Thank you for sharing! Good luck with the A to Z Challenge. This is my first year.

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  4. This looks like a great place to get crafty ideas. I love anything that uses recycled materials. Thanks for sharing.

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