Wednesday, April 30, 2014

T is for Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

Pretty much every house has them and there's a plethora of crafts online to be found for using them. Toilet paper tubes don't cost anything extra since you already have them so why not have some fun? You can apply these to many things you are studying, animals, cars or even as stamps for little ones.

I can see kids having lots of fun with these! 

2. Owls 
Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

3. Snakes 
These are cute/ Have kids decorate the tubes then use scissors to cut in a spiral to the end of the tube to make your snake. 
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4. Mini Pinatas These would be great when learning about Mexico as an easy to make pinata unlike the one we attempted earlier this year that fell apart before we got to use it! 

Make these when learning about birds, explorers or whatever else you think they go along with. 

5. Trees
Use the tube for the tree trunk, cut slits in the sides to hold a green tree top piece of construction paper. My daughter made one of these in preschool and we still have it sitting at grandpa's house! 

We just studies China and made some lanterns with card stock but I love this idea for something a little sturdier. 

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What ideas for toilet paper tubes do you have? 

Photo Credit: Mimadeo via Compfight cc


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  2. These sorts of items are cheap and kids love playing with them. Cheap is good!
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