Wednesday, May 14, 2014

V is for Vehicles: 4 Creative Uses for Toy Cars

I've been quite busy lately and keep forgetting to get this posted! V is for Vehicles! My son has two boxes of toy cars. I find them all over the place but we've also had some fun activities with them. Here's a few creative ways to use your piles of toy cars, trains, or planes with your kiddos.

1. Car painting
This ones a bit messy but fun! Put some paint into a tray or paper plate. Have little ones roll the car through the paint and then onto their paper. All kinds of designs can be made this way.

Play Create Explore: Construction Site Sensory Bin Gift2. Letters or Numbers
When learning letters and numbers and how to write them, it helps to have some kind of physical item they can make them with or touch. This helps them remember better and it's a lot of fun too! One day when Hunter was playing with his cars we decided to start making some letters with them as practice and he had a lot of fun with it!

3.Patterning  and Sorting
Grab a pile of cars or trains and let little ones make patterns with them. They can do it by color or another way they think of.

4. Sensory Bins Image from Play Create Explore 
If you have bulldozers, tractors or even regular cars could work here. Fill a bin with pebbles or rice and use the tractors to move them around. Make a construction site in a sensory bin for preschoolers to have fun with.

How do you use all those toy cars?

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