Friday, May 16, 2014

W is for (Nature) Walking

Nature walking is something I wish we would do more often. Today I have ideas for you and your children when you do take time to go on a nature walk. Especially with warmer weather coming, we'll all be outside more and what a better way than to learn and explore while spending your time outside!

walking sticks-  This is the American Hiking Society website's Kids' Corner, containing many activities for outdoor fun.
1. Press leaves or flowers
Once they are pressed you can use them for a wide variety of crafts. Use modge podge to attach them to candles, put them in a frame, make bookmarks or cards.

2. Gather Pine Cones
Pine cones can be used for science experiments, bird feeders or decoration.

3. Scavenger Hunt
Give kiddos a list of things to find while you take your walk. They can be harder for older children or a picture list for younger kids.

4.Make Walking Sticks (Picture credit)
As you walk look for large sticks that can be used as walking sticks. When you get home kids can use felt, ribbon, or decorate with paint. Then bring them along on your next adventure!

5. Take Supplies
You can grab a nature study supply kit like this one and let little ones (and big ones too!) explore the world around them while learning too.

What creative ways do you use nature walks?

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