Monday, June 9, 2014

A Week of Reviews Day 2: "Mark of Distinction" by Jessica Dotta

I have several books and one other thing to review so I've decided to make this a week of reviews! Today we'll kick it off with a great book I just finished. called "Mark of Distinction."

When I was given the opportunity to review "Mark of Distinction" I was quite excited! I had read and reviewed the first book in the Price of Privilege series, "Born of Persuasion" last fall and absolutely loved it! You can read my review here. I couldn't wait to find out more about Julia and what would happen next after the major predicament she was in! 

As the first book, this is set in Victorian, England. Julia had gotten herself into quite a situation when she didn't know whom to trust and where to turn after the death of her mother in the first book. She now has the protection of her wealthy father and although he is willing to protect her, he doesn't show much affection toward his daughter. 

Julia has to learn to act as the upper class, member of society since she is the daughter of such a powerful man and also battles with her own emotions as a man attempts to win her heart while she truly longs to be with her soul mate.This book kept me guessing as I was waiting for Mr. Macy to whisk her away or for someone to expose her secret. 
This is the 2nd book in a series of 3 by Dotta and I can't wait to read the end of the story. After the wonderful ending this one had I'm curious as to what can possibly happen to the young Julia! 

Have you read the Price of Privilege series? What did you think? 
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