Wednesday, August 6, 2014

How We use Character Badges

Character BadgesI've mentioned Character Badges a few weeks ago when they were a part of the bundle sale but today I wanted to let you know that we've started implementing them and I'm loving it! My kids are excited when they get marks for their obedience charts (although they sometimes ask for them but it doesn't work that way lol). My son seems to have the hardest time with things and was feeling discouraged yesterday because he had gotten a few disobedience chart marks the day before. I made sure to notice some of the good things he did and give him a high five for them when he got his check marks! They are all excited and really wanting to earn those badges!

If you haven't checked tehm out yet, there's a sale this week for both sets of Character Badges. If you buy both sets, one for ages 3-5 and 5-12 they are 50% off with the code SUMMER.

How we Setup:
Bundle Set of Character Badges and Little Character BadgesI printed off a sheet for each child for their obedience and disobedience charts. Then I printed one consequence chart.
For the badges, I printed them and then put them onto self-adhesive craft foam and cut them out. I need to get some pin backs fro them but they are just about ready!
I need to find a way to hang their charts but we have plaster walls so tacks don't work. I may hang a poster board and attach them there.

How it Works 
Each month you'll print a chart for your child(ren)
When you notice them doing something on their obedience chart, have them place a check mark there. The same goes for the disobedience chart. Both charts have places for your own goals.
Once they reach a certain spot they earn a badge which they are given the next day to wear.
If they get to the numbers on the disobedience chart, they are given a consequence (whatever your family chose to put on the consequence chart)
The goal is to get to the end of the row to earn the big badge for that character trait.

You can either get them separately or get them both together for half off but be sure to add the code SUMMER at checkout between now and Friday only.

Have you used character badges

Note: This post includes affiliate links. These do not effect the cost to you, only blesses my family with a small portion. 

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