Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chelsea's 4H Sewing Project

This year my oldest is in 4H and she chose to do a sewing project! For the project she had to make a skirt. In June, her grandma came and took her fabric shopping! They had a lot of fun picking out fabrics and then headed back to grandmas to work on the skirt. There she showed her how to use the pattern, cut the fabric and pin it for sewing. They weren't able to finish that night but a week later they got together again to finish it up.

Along with the skirt Chelsea filled in a project book and answered questions about using a sewing

machine, practiced different stitches and learned about taking measurements and how to put together an outfit.

Here's her answers to the project review questions at the end of the book.

1.Describe what you made and the accessories you selected to acheive your total look.

I made a pink skirt with green flowers. I wore my favorite shirt with a pink bow on it to go with my skirt.

2. Write a brief summary of your project. What did you enjoy?

I liked using the sewing machine and the seam ripper! I had a lot of fun sewing with grandma!

3. Did everything work out as you had planned? Give an example of how you had to change your polans. Were you happy with the results?

I had a hard time pinning the pattern in place. Once I figured it out and now I'm good at pinning.

4. What are some things you learned that will help you in other areas of your life? How could the skills you learned with this project help you in the future?

I learned how to match outfits and sew!

Do your kids do 4H? Have they done a sewing project? Chelsea says it's fun! 

Photo courtesy of Portrait innovations.

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