Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Benefits of Homemade Baby Food +MORE

With three of my children I bought baby food you find in the stores along with the boxed grain cereals. Some did better than others with it. My son was not a fan at all and it took a long time to get him to eat any type of vegetable. Over the past year or so I've learned a lot about making my own foods from scratch and decided I wanted to make baby food for Miss Allie instead of buying it.Although she didn't eat it for very long (she was quite interested in what we were eating instead) I did enjoy making baby food for her for several reasons.

1. I know what's in it
With store bought food you don't really know where it came from or what "extras" may have been added to it. When you make your own, you put in just what you want and can even use your own homegrown veggies and fruits!

2. Fresher
We used a Baby Bullet to make our food which comes with these cute littler containers with a ring of numbers for setting the date that the food was made. That way when I pulled one out of the refrigerator I knew exactly when I made the food and how fresh it was.

3. Affordable
Jars of baby food may seem cheap at the time but have you ever taken the time to add it up? Lets say the jars cost fifty cents. Baby eats 3 jars a day (or more so that's about $2 a day times 7 days that's $14 just in baby food.

When you make it yourself you can buy food that you usually eat and save a small amount to be made into baby food. Out of one apple I would get 2-3 Baby Bullet jars.

There you have my top three benefits of making your own baby food! Some babies are ready for food and excited early on while others are more confusing. When is the best time to start? What do I start with first and how do I go about introducing solids to my baby?

First Bites and Beyond, by Kristen Burgess helps with a lot of these questions! Find out everything you need to know about feeding baby and get your questions answered.

Also in the first bites book you'll find: 
    First Bites and Beyond
  • How you can make homemade food for your baby
  • (And be sure it tastes good)
  • Use fresh, varied ingredients in your child’s diet
  • Fit it all into your busy schedule
  • Essential child nutrition facts
Here’s a deeper look at what you’ll find inside of First Bites and Beyond:

  • Get detailed info on all the ages & stages of feeding babies and toddlers
  • Find out why moms in the past had healthier babies
  • Discover why modern baby feeding advice is leading your child down the path to obesity, diabetes, and lower quality of life
  • Get the truth about a vegetarian diet and children
  • Review detailed solids readiness signs
  • Authoritative info about delaying solids (do you know when your baby should start?)
  • Picture guide to textures – know when your baby is ready to move up to new textures
  • Spoon Feeding vs. Baby-led weaning – get the inside scoop on which is really best for babies
  • Know how much food your baby really needs (and get an inside picture of how much that tiny tummy actually holds)
  • Combining breastfeeding and solids – introduce your baby to good food while you maintain your vital nursing relationship
  • Sample menus – confidently feed age-appropriate foods and amounts
  • Dealing with others – gain the confidence to stand your ground (and the respect of others when you do)
  • Raw food for babies? – know which foods can be raw (this will surprise you)
  • And there’s much more packed into the guide!
First Bites and Beyond is so much more than just a book – it’s a complete system for nourishing your baby – and freeing you from jarred food and hours in the kitchen.

First Bites and Beyond is part of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! The bundle has six books geared toward raising healthy children to get you on the right track whether you are just starting out feeding your new little blessing or if you have older children who are struggling with changes you're making toward real foods. 

I've shared here about my tips for getting picky eaters to cooperate but it can be hard at times! We've made a lot of changes over the past year and I still get questions from my kids at times. "Why can't we buy ______ anymore"? They still desire some of the convenience foods we bought so often even though the healthier, homemade options have been offered in their place. I'm excited to read Kids Eat Real food and the book for picky eaters.

If you'd like to get these ebooks and ALL the others included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle be sure to do so today, at midnight the sale ends and it's gone for good!

If you'd like to find out more info about the bundle sale, take a look at the video to see everything you'll be getting when you place your order.

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle from Ryan Langford on Vimeo.

Sounds great doesn't it? Don't miss out before it's gone!
Have you made your own baby food? What did your little one like the best?

Note: This post includes affiliate links, these do not effect the cost to you, only blesses my family with a small portion. 

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