Thursday, September 11, 2014

5 C's of Babywearing

I found out about babywearing when I was pregnant with my third baby. I tried out a few carriers on my toddler son and loved it! I could carry him hands free and it wasn't like the store bought carriers that pull on your back. It was comfy!

When Natalie was born I got a stretchy wrap and and a ring sling. It was SO nice! Now about five years later and baby number four is here and I am often found wearing her when we are out and about or just at home. Here's my top five benefits of babywearing!

1. Comfort
As I said before, baby is comfy and so is mom! My back wasn't straining to hold the weight of my babies when I used the wrap and other slings. They are properly supported and that makes everyone happier.

2. Convenience
We all know what it's like as mom to be trying to get something done around the house and have a screaming toddler at your feet begging for attention. Pop them into a carrier and they are almost instantly happy and you now have your hands free to do things like taking care of other children, cooking and cleaning.

3. Closeness
Babies love being held! They want to be close to mom and what a better way than to wear them? If you're busy doing other things you can always have baby in your arms but carrying in a sling or wrap keeps them close to you which is right where they want to be. I saw a picture this week that really amazed me. It said that the closeness can help children when they are sick which is why they get clingy when not feeling well. (God never ceases to amaze me!)

4. Cute!
There are SO many carriers to choose from and they are all so cute! Add a baby and even better. When I was looking for my first woven wrap I had such a hard time choosing which one to get! There's so many different styles, designs and patterns to choose from, there's something for everyone.

5. Collectible
Hmm. to some, maybe not a "good" thing but to those of us who love babywearing, these things can be addicting! My husband says "You have 3 different ones, why do you need another one?" My answer, is that there's different carriers that are convenient for different weather, situations or needs of the moment. While you may not "need" more than one, you'll certainly want more once you find what yoiu like. I've even heard of people getting heritage wraps in order to save them for their children to use with their own babies!

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Do You babywear? What's your favorite carrier? 

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