Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Favorite Toddler Books & Setting up a Kid Library

What a better way to spend time with little ones than snuggling up on the couch and read a few books?  Or if your little on is feeling more independent how about setting up a book area for them? Today I have a few favorite books for toddlers and tips for setting up a toddler-sized library.

Favorite books for toddlers 

What Makes a Rainbow
Lots of fun in this book because as you read the story you'll make your own rainbow with ribbons.

Tumble Bumble 

Where is Baby's Belly Button 
We have gone through a few of these! It's a lift the flap book that's lots of fun to read!

Goodnight Moon

The Napping House

Setting up a toddler library
1. Kid sized shelf

2. A comfy seat

3. A trip to the library
Kids always love going to the library and mine seem to enjoy books from the library more than the shelves of books we have here. Take a trip to the library for some extras to add to your shelf!

What are your favorite toddler books?

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  1. :) I recently did a post on favorite autumn books, including some fun board books. I love books!


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