Friday, September 26, 2014

Big News!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you today. This past week, after much prayer and thought I have decided to become a consultant for Usborne Books and More!

Why Usborne? 
There's SO many opportunities out there and I've tried a few others before. I have loved Usborne books since Chelsea was little. Every time we see the books the kids wanted to take them all home! They are just fun to look at and read. They get kids excited about reading!

That leads me to the 2nd reason why I chose Usborne. They aren't just about wanting to get people rich or sell more products. They have a bigger mission! Statistics show that almost 80% of kids from 4th grade and above are reading below grade level! Kids would rather play video games than pick up a good book. that makes me sad. I LOVE reading and want to share that with more families. I want to help them find books their kids will love and in turn, ignite a love of reading in them.

Ready for some fun? 
Join me Sunday night, September 28th at 9 PM EST on my Facebook page for My Blessings Homschool for an Usborne Books party! All you will need is your PJ's, computer and some snacks and get ready for some fun and a chance to WIN a FREE book! 

Will I "see" you Sunday night? 

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