Monday, November 3, 2014

Multi-Age Homeschooling Without Going Crazy

This year has been, well I guess every year of homeschooling is a learning experience. This year it has been figuring out how to deal with kindergarten, first grade and fifth plus a toddler in the mix who no longer takes a morning nap (isn't 14months too young for that?) Many days I felt like I was going crazy trying to get all of them done even though My Father's World kindergarten is fairly quick and easy. I asked around, saw the color coded charts people used to teach their families and tried making up my own schedule.

Even after all of that I still felt frazzled, unorganized and just frustrated! Finally I figured out what I needed to do and it worked! Instead of trying to do math with one then the next and the next then going onto another subject and switching between the three of them I thought I'd try and just sit down with one child and get through ALL of their work before moving onto the next. The first day it was SO nice! We were done fairly earl in the day and I didn't feel like I was losing m mind.

Here are my tips for schooling multiple levels.

1.Combine when possible
Many curriculum are made for just this! Using things for Bible, Science and History that can work for a variety of grade levels helps a LOT when trying to fit it all in. Think of the one room school house style. One classroom for all the grades and letting kiddos work together on crafts and projects makes it so much more fun!

2. Experiment with Your Schedule
It may take a while to figure out what works for you. Do you like having a set schedule? Try that and see how it works for you. If it's making your more stressed out than it is being helpful you may want to try  more relaxed schedule. For me, it was having a set start time then working with one child at a time while the others played. You may be able to work with more than one at a time without going crazy and if that works for you go for it! Experiment and find what works

3. Expect Interruptions

At least in my house, with a toddler, there's always something happening! Toys being dumped, her stepping on the kids workbooks as they are trying to write, the dog barking or a fussy toddler who wants attention! SO many things can get in the way when trying to get through the school day, learning to expect them and go with the flow really helps you keep your cool (even though picking up the pile of cards for the fifth time may not be fun lol).

Now, Mama, it's your turn to share! How do you teach several kiddos without going crazy?

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