Monday, November 10, 2014

6 Days of Creation + MORE!

This topic has been cropping up more and more and I feel like it's important to say it. The Bible tells the story of creation in Genesis 1. Many people have decided to twist the word "day" to fit popular science's view of the age of the Earth. They say,

 "The Bible doesn't mean a day, God's day may have been millions of years!"

That got me thinking, was Noah's flood really millions and millions of years then? The Bible says it rained for forty days and nights. Was Jesus in the wilderness for millions of years before Satan tempted Him?

The Bible is to be taken quite literally, not just in the creation but EVERY word in it! We cannot pick and choose what to believe from the Bible and try to twist the things we don't agree with to mean something else!

If we try and twist the days of creation into millions of years the entire Bible makes no sense at all!  I went looking for more information from Answers in Genesis and read this great article about the literal days of creation. Dr, Mortenson made some good points. Moses and the others who wrote the Bible were not scientists, they didn't have the technology we have today. They spoke, read and wrote Hebrew which had to be written in a very clear manner for them to understand. He also explains the Hebrew word for day used in the Bible.

"Everywhere else in the Old Testament, when the Hebrew word for “day” (םיוֹ, yom) appears with “evening” or “morning” or is modified by a number (e.g., “sixth day” or “five days”), it always means a 24-hour day."
If you have heard these statements about the creation not being literal days or the world being millions of years old I encourage you to do your own research! Read your Bible first and remember God doesn't lie, His word is truth and we can't pick parts to believe and leave the rest. Once you've done that head over to Answers in Genesis do get some of your specific questions answered!

Kids love dinosaurs, they love hearing Bible stories and learning about God's creation. If we don't equip them with the truth and teach them what the Bible says about the world we live in they will hear false things at school, on TV or in books that don't line up with the Bible. We have to teach them how it all fits together, how science does in fact align with the Bible and THEN our children can learn about dinosaurs, nature and our world with the same outlook God intended us to have.

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