Thursday, January 22, 2015

Going form Small Garden to a BIG One + MORE

Last year we had a smaller garden for the first time in a long time. It went pretty well and we had lots of fun with it! Toward the end of the summer my husband had stopped by his grandparents house and noticed their HUGE garden that had been left unused. He gets the awesome idea to take over the garden this year and they agreed. YIKES! We're going from our little garden to a GIANT garden! This gardening newbie is nervous!

This past year I also got my first taste of canning. That was quite the experience! My mother in law has canned fruits and veggies and sauces for years and we've enjoyed them! Now with this gigantic garden happening this year I have a feeling I'll be doing a LOT more canning!

Wayne and I will be doing plenty of research this winter for the gardening part but I'm glad to have a tool already on hand for when all of those awesome plants start producing fruits and veggies for my family.

I'm super excited to get the Simply Canning: Survival Guide for Safe Home Canning ebook from the DIY bundle! I don't know much at all about the world of canning and this book is going to be coming in handy this year!

Here's a little bit more about the book from Simply Canning 
Do you know the most important information for safely home canning? Do you have the assurance that you won't poison your children?
Simply Canning the book... will lead you step by step through the most important safety information for both Pressure Canning and Water bath Canning.

This book also includes canning directions for most basic foods, plus some fun stuff too.  Learn how to can tomatoes, green beans, meat and fruit.  Then have fun and create jam and jelly, marmelade and fruit butters.  Jars with dandelion and corn cob jelly make great gifts. 

Here's a look at the other home and garden books that are included in the 76 ebooks and courses that are a part of the DIY Bundle sale.

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