Friday, February 13, 2015

Standard Deviant Accelerate Review!

Thanks to Educents I had the chance to try out this program and share it with you all!  Here's what Standard Deviant Accelerate is.

For over 20 years, Standard Deviants has been the leading producer of top notch educational videos that teach you everything you need to know about a subject. We’ve taken our newest educational videos online and added a ton of activities to create the perfect curriculum supplement, Standard Deviants Accelerate!

There's 2 types of accounts, one for the teacher and one for the students in your class. In the teacher account you'll choose which courses students will take and then pass along a code to sign students up with. Also on the teacher site you can view progress, grades and find all the information you need to know how your student is doing.

The classes are mostly junior high level and up but there are math courses for 3rd grade and up as well. We used the arithmetic with my ten year old. Once logged in you click on the icon for the class you are planning to work on next. Then a drop down menu appears and you choose which topic you will learn that day. h

Once you've made your selection you'll go to a screen which has a basic overview of the chapter and several tabs up top. The first one is the video. You can print the transcript of the video to follow along or for notes which would be great for upper level courses! The videos are great and definitely my favorite part! They use visuals and several speakers to teach the concepts. At the end there is a quick review of the material with several examples

After the video you head to the next tab which is the quiz or practice questions. These test the students' knowledge of the material covered in the video.

I've definitely enjoyed using this program for the arithmetic course and am looking forward to using it in the future!

Have you used this program? What did you think?

Note: I was given access to this site for my honest review of the program. 

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