Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple Orchard!

As promised here's the pics from our apple orchard field trip! When we arrived we all piled on the hay ride to head out to the apple orchards!
Wayne and Hunter on the hay ride



Me and the girls picking apples for a snack. YUM

After the hay ride we went into the cider house and saw how they put the apples into the machine to clean them and then crush them up for cider!

In another room was a machine that washed aples to be packaged. They went into tubes that took them to bags and a conveyor belt to be boxed up and sent to the stores.

After the tour we went to another building where they had animals and a hay maze! Chelsea enjoyed the maze while the little ones liked the animals!

The turkey kept talking to Hunter. He got a BIG kick out of that!

Natalie and Hunter watching the animals.

Overall we had a blast and learned a LOT about how we can have apples all year long and how they grow apples and make cider. Each child got an apple cider sipper, sticker and coloring book before we left. This is one trip we won't soon forget!

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