Saturday, March 30, 2013

our school this week

Here we are at the end of March! Not very many weeks left of our 3rd grade year. Here's an update of what we did this week.


This week was a bit slower as we had some fun visiting with friends and such.


 Monday we finished up our Mm unit on the moon. Natalie, Hunter and I enjoyed Happy Birthday, Moon. Then Hunter painted his favorite scene from the book of Moonbear on the mountain "talking" to the moon. 

Tuesday was the beginning of our Ll unit on leaves. We talked about the sound L makes and had some practice writing it. We practiced finding words that begin with L and played a game to sort the picture cards for S and L. Natalie found a Go Fish game with capital and lower case letters with animals so the three of us had some fun playing that on Friday. 


We are plugging away at our 100 chart and adding a straw to the jar each day of school. Hunter likes to try to write the numbers on the calendar and 100 chart. Some are tricky for him of course but others he finds quite easy! He practiced number 3 with the handwriting page. He did well but got frustrated with himself very easily.

On Monday we used the CUISENAIRE RODS and Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book: to make the letter M several ways and other pictures that start with m like man, mailbox and milk bottle. 


In our Bible lessons this week we learned how God is like the plant and we are the leaves. As long as we obey God and stay connected to the plant we will continue to grow and thrive. The alternative though is if we break away from God and want to do our own thing, we might think it's fun at first but we'll soon be withering away like a leaf separated from its plant. 



This week Chelsea started learning a new verse from the book of John and about Jesus being our shepherd.

John 10:14
I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.

Chelsea colored a picture of a shepherd with the verse on it to add to names of Jesus book. 


 The goal this week was to finish our book Carolina's Courage. We have about half of the last chapter to finish. Chelsea was quite concerned about Carolina's doll when she traded it with the Indian girl! 

We read some poetry together this week and started a new book to read aloud called Mountain Born. We will have to catch up with the schedule a little bit since it seems our read aloud books get forgotten many days but so far we like it! 


This week we finished up reading about Abraham Lincoln and  did the notebook page for him. We also read  part of Red, White, and Blue where it talks about the Civil War and added that to our timeline. 


For science we read several pages from First Encyclopedia of Science on gravity, hot and cold, force and energy. Wednesday proved the most fun when we used a pop bottle and a balloon to show how hot air expands and cold air contracts. First we ran the bottle under warm water and placed a balloon over the opening. Then held it down in a bowl of cold water.Everyone was quite surprised to see the balloon going inside the bottle! 

After we tried the cold water I boiled a pan of water. We emptied the bowl of cold water and poured the hot water in.We got a lot of laughs when the balloon instantly inflated! 


In our math lessons this week we finished up the chapter on metric measurements. The easiest from this chapter was probably cm measurements. reading the thermometer was the trickiest part for Chelsea. since she's still figuring out how to switch from counting by tens to 5's where there's no number listed and then to ones. She's getting it with some practice though! 

It's been a fun week and I'm looking forward to seeing what next week will bring. 

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