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April 15-19th Homeschool Recap

This has been a very crazy week! Here's how our week went. .We got lots of school work done, played outside a LOT had co-op on Thursday night after a sad accident in which we had to have one of our baby kittens put to sleep and then Friday the kiddos went to Grandpas' and Aunt Judy's for the night so my husband and I could go on a marriage retreat hosted by our church. I'm glad to have a chance to slow down a bit today and update things here on my blog and get ready for another school week.

Adventures Week 31


This week we read about living on the plains in American Pioneers And Patriots. Wednesday and Thursday we covered North and South Dakota and tried a yummy healthy cookie recipe!

6 Tablespoons of each of the following. Mix with your hands (yes very messy) and roll into balls. Roll in coconut or sunflower seeds. These are VERY sweet but very good. Enjoy!

Peanut Butter
Cocoa Powder
Dry Milk
Wheat Ger

 photo 1B46BD08-3BF9-41DA-B525-91DE50B54D94-366-000000DE32D43134_zpscf304ddf.jpg


We covered several topics this week including several birds from Birds, Nests & Eggs. We also read from the First Encyclopedia of Science about friction.


Long division is the name of the game! Chelsea realized real quickly why we had learned all those addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts! She put them ALL to good use doing long division. This coming week we will finish up long division and move on to the last chapter in our 3rd grade math book on decimals!  It's exciting to be getting near the end of the year!


For reading we are almost done with the Treasure of Pelican Cove. Chelsea will read the last two chapters this week and start our next book.

In English we worked on sentence writing using present and past tenses of words. Go, going, have gone for example. I think this will help Chelsea a lot since she still struggles with these forms in her speech.

 photo 674D041F-3BA0-48F3-914B-128A49AA9265-366-000000DE71D2343A_zps082f4ed3.jpg


Apple Unit

Plugging along and having fun! Monday everyone got a fun surprise when we cut an apple and found the star inside! We cut a slice to hang and dry. \

 photo 39281DB2-86A0-476E-BF1C-839235D04149-366-000000DE6697BAE3_zps9b784ab9.jpg

We also  played a game using our textured letters. I put several in a bag and they each took a turn trying to feel which letter they grabbed and guess what it was. 

 photo 4EB0AD54-4F8E-4065-BCD7-1520F3B0C1E9-366-000000DE777EF8F1_zps267586cb.jpg

We finished our Apple unit on Wednesday with a fun book and project! We read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. We used the recipe in back of the book to make our own apple pie! I have to say I loved the apple pie filling so much more making it myself! It doesn't even compare to store bought fillings!

 photo D6B58E2A-ECB5-47D1-A082-B01F0B5EA9F4-366-000000DE3CBDDCF9_zpsea1ac35d.jpg
Hunter and I with our VERY full apple pie. 

The kids also made and apple tree picture. I traced their hands and part of their arm on white paper. Each colored the "trunk and branches" and I cut them out. We glued them onto blue construction paper, glued on green leaves and I cut a little bird to go with the poem from our MFW manual. The last step was to use red paint to make apples in the tree. These came out really cute!
 photo 57AFFD3A-92B9-4482-B491-046C86A4437C-366-000000DDA51DE66F_zpse8099e67.jpg

Hunter used the cuisenaire rods again for our Cuisenaire Rods Alphabet Book. He made the letter A and several pictures that start with A. He really enjoys this activitiy and pulled the book out on Thursday to see if he could do some more.

Nests Unit

Thursday and Friday began the next unit on nests. We practiced the new letter sound, writing the letter N and learned about animal homes with a fun matching game. Hunter used a container of salt to practice writing the letters. Although this time he had a new idea....


Natalie joined in a lot of the activities for kindergarten and Adventures this week but also got out her Rod and Staff workbook and finished pages for co-op since she wasn't there the first week.
 photo E0EF5C50-2536-467A-9D0D-7CCC9819CF29-366-000000DE4C32A034_zps0d5199ce.jpg

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