Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Recap 2013 Part 1

Hello there strangers! It has been a crazy, fun, stressful, blessing filled summer all within the past few months! I thought I'd update on what's been going on in our family

. In June we had planned to start 4th grade work for Chelsea and continue kindergarten with Hunter. Well, we got about a week done and then that plan went out the window. Friends moved back closer to us and the kids went to VBS 2 weeks in a row. One VBS picks up kids on a bus and takes them to the church for the morning. The other was at my in law's church. Both had a western theme which they all had a blast with! I loved the fact that they related and compared Moses' story to Jesus. I had never thought of that before. For example the first day talked about how Jesus came to save us while Moses was sent to free the Israelites from Egypt. I really enjoyed seeing the kids all so excited about Jesus and learning about Him! It was a crazy two weeks and they were all exhausted by the end of it but so worth it to plant those seeds and light the fire inside of them for Jesus! 

Chelsea and my best friend's son with their horse crafts after one night at VBS

So there you have part one of our summer! July brought a whole range of emotions and activity. I will fill you all in on the events here soon! 

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