Tuesday, October 8, 2013

God's Plans Aren't Always Ours

Ever have God change your plans? I know I have! After I had our first child I went back to college. I wanted to be a teacher in a school. I took the required classes, did all the work and went to my field placements as required. So, what was the problem? My field placements weren't giving me good reviews. Therefore without perfect scores I couldn't get my teaching license because my college wouldn't give me a student teaching placement. I wasn't going to be able to teach. I thought God had shut that door forever. 

Picture from The Word for the Day

A year later though I started thinking about homeschooling. Something I was dead set against before. I listened to God's will for me and my family. I didn't get to be a teacher in the way I had planned but instead God changed my plans and made them even better! At the time I didn't think He had a better plan at the time but later i realized that even though MY plans didn't come true, God had something more rewarding in store for me. 

If you  ever find your plans changed by God hang on and wait for Him to show you His plan. It may be something you never dreamed of before. If you'll listen when He shows you the new plan you'll find yourself blessed immeasurably by His grace.

Your turn to share. What plans has God changed in your life only to provide something even better? 

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