Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Then Sings My Soul

I've shared with you all several ties this month  about songs that encourage me and I wanted to share a few more with you today.

Brandon Heath's Hands of the Healer
This song talks about worry. The Bible says "Be anxious about nothing" Easier said than done i know. Brandon Heath reminds us though that if we're praying about something, He has it handled and we shouldn't be worrying about it.

You may recognize this song from the movie "Fireproof" This song lifted my spirits so much last year when my husband struggled with depression and anxiety. He wasn't involved or engaged with our family and I was just having a rough time. This song reminded me to keep doing what I knew I should, worship the Creator and praise Him even though things weren't easy and wait for Him to do His work. 


One last song. Put it on and sing along! 

Have a blessed day! What songs encourage you? 

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