Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming! Do you find yourself complaining about the cold days to come like I do? Living in Ohio we have long winters. Although not near as long as our friends in the New England states or Canada. I love fall and all the fun that comes with it but I find myself mentioning winter on it's way and then find myself complaining about it. If your kids are like mine they go stir crazy in the winter! Everyone is cooped up so much and all of that energy has no where to escape to. 

Then I have to remind myself of this verse from Genesis 8.

God gave us ALL four seasons of the year for a reason and we should ENJOY them! Yes winter is cold, snowy and we're stuck in doors the majority of the time. BUT think of the good things about winter! We aren't as busy, with the exception of December, so we can slow down and enjoy our families. The Christmas season brings family together that you don't see throughout the year, you can get school accomplished without the kids constantly asking to go outside and winter makes us appreciate the other seasons that much more.
 Once spring comes along I am so very thankful that God brings new life to the Earth each year. Without those winter months I don't think I would appreciate the newness and the warmth as much as I do when it finally does arrive.

So here's my challenge to you today. When you think about winter approaching and catch yourself complaining. Stop, thank God for the seasons for they will always continue in their cycle and then think about the things you are grateful for instead of the negative. 

What do you love most about winter? 

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