Thursday, January 23, 2014

God First Loved Us: Valentine's Day Devotional Review

Are you looking for a great devotional to do with your children in the days leading up to Valentine's Day? I'm excited to share "God First Loved Us" ! Heather Bowen from Upside Down Homeschooling has created a fun devotional filled with Bible verses, and activities to make learning about God's love meaningful and fun.

How It Works

Each day has a Bible verse for children to copy and memorize along with several other activities which use the HEARTS anagram.

H– Handwriting practice {writing the verse of the day} Younger kids can just repeat it to you.

E– Exploring Scripture

A– Act {art, puzzles, journaling, service projects, crafts and more}

R– Reflect {a quiet time for reflection with prompts to get them thinking}

T– Talk to God {prayer time with prompts}

S– Share {telling others, service projects, baking, good deeds and more}

My Review

I love that Heather has such a variety of activities and even telling others that God loves them or showing love to others with kind words or actions. I like that it has questions to make kids think.

"God loves everyone on earth equally and He calls us to do the same. Take
some time to think about that. Do you treat everyone equally? Even those
who annoy you? What about those who are different than you? "

I think my favorite part is reaching out to neighbors! Not everyone around us knows of God's love. By doing something like delivering cookies with a valentine's card we can reach out to those around us with God's love and teach our children an important lesson at the same time.

I can't wait to do this study with my children! I've never thought of doing a devotional geared toward Valentine's Day but what a great way to teach about the Bible. Heather Bowen has made a holiday that's usually not seen as being related to God, more focused on Him and the love He has shown us!
Click HERE to find out more and get your copy of God First Loved Us! Enter promo code HEARTS to take $1 off until January 26th.

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