Monday, January 13, 2014

Green Your Life Review

Green Your Life: Get Started Today!

Have you always wanted to "live greener" but didn't know where to start? Well this book from Emily McClements at Live Renewed has the perfect guide to get you started! "Green Your Life" has sections explaining why living a green lifestyle is both important and beneficial. More than that there are sections for living greener right away. It's a gradual process and the more you learn and research the easier it becomes.

"Each change you make is a step in the right direction
toward reducing the toxins you and your family are
exposed to on a regular basis."

Basic Info
Green Your Life: A Guide to Natural, Eco-Friendly Living walks you through making simple changes to your home and lifestyle that can have a big impact on the world around you. 
Plus, as a thank you for purchasing my book, and to give you extra support, encouragement, motivation, and community to help you make changes in your life, Emily is providing a free membership to the Green Your Life Challenge she is running in February, a $14.99 value! 
In just 4 weeks you will:
  • Purge your bathroom cabinet of toxic and harmful personal care products.
  • Choose beauty and personal care products for your family that are safe and effective.
  • Make your own homemade green cleaners.
  • Clean your home with non-toxic cleaners that really work and are safe to use around your family. 
  • Begin making simple and easy changes toward more real food and less processed, conventional foods
  • Use more reusable products and fewer disposable ones around your home.
  • Work to eliminate and remove toxins all around your home.
  • Determine how you and your family can make an impact on the world around you!

My Family
For my family, "green" has always appealed to us. My husband and I have always made a point to recycle as much as possible even when that meant driving our recyclables to a community drop off point. We use cloth diapers, and make our own laundry soap and I've recently been learning about alternatives to shampoos and other store bought items like cleaning supplies. The more I learn about commercial products and processed foods the more upset I get at all the lies these companies tell. Living greener is important to me because I don't want all the chemicals and junk my family has  been getting to continue to be put into their bodies.

Many people don't worry about taking care of the earth and say "God has a plan for it"  and He does. BUT God has given us this earth and we are supposed to take care of it the best we can. Emily puts it this way.

"It’s up to us to make changes in our lives that will have
an impact on our health, on our environment, and on
others around the world. That is how green living really
can change the world!"

My Review
"Green Your Life" will show you how to make small changes in your family, one at a time. You don't have to make the switch all at once! Emily includes great recipes for laundry care, cleaning products, personal care  items and more. This book is so great because now instead of scouring the Internet for recipes I have them all in one place! I can open up "Green Your Life" on my computer, and find a recipe for a cleaning product or other recipe of choice very quickly. There's even ideas on how to organize your cleaning supplies!

The Challenge
So, are you ready to "Green Your Life?"  When you buy the book you'll also have FREE membership to the Green Your Lief Challenge which starts in February. As part of the challenge you'll get a free printable workbook, weekly emails with challenges and videos to teach you how to make the change for your family! That along makes the book worth the $8.99 price

.More Great News! 

Want to hear more from Emily? She's a speaker for Coffee Table Conversations! On March 11th you'll hear from Emily, Hillary and Sandra to learn more about greening your life.

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