Sunday, June 15, 2014

3 Things I Love About My Husband as a Father

Every year on father's day we take time to thank the special men in our lives for being the wonderful fathers they are! Today I'd like to say thank you to my wonderful husband. I'm sure it's not easy trying to work, take care of things around the house and make sure to spend quality time with four children! Today, in honor . my husband, Wayne, I want to share three things that I love about the man he has become as a father. He's not perfect, none of us are, but I know one thing, he loves his family! So, here's my three favorite things about my blessings' daddy. 

1. He's a big kid
Kids of all ages love hanging around him because he is a big kid himself. Some people see this as a bad thing, but to me, I LOVE it! I love watching him roll around on the floor with a pile of kids on top of him or watch him run around the yard with a squirt gun, chasing the kids. He brings so much fun to our family!

2. He takes the time to get to the hearts of our children
Many times when one of our children gets upset he will go to them and figure out what is truly bothering them. Most of the time I let them cool down on their own and end up wondering what their problem was. This wonderful man though, will often take the time to go and talk to them and find out what the problem was and come to a solution. That's something I need to work on in my relationships. 

3 He shows affection
Every time Wayne goes to leave for work he tells the kids and they all come running for a hug before daddy leaves! There have been several instances where they've almost knocked him over when they come running! As he's leaving they are all saying "Bye Daddy!" and he replies "Love you guys! see you when I get back." I love the fact that he lets them know every day that he loves them.

What do you love about your husband as a father?

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