Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week of Reviews Day 4: "Intentional Marriage" by Chrystal Brothers

As wives (and husbands too) we should always be looking for ways to strengthen our marriages. So many things pull for our attention but it's important to remember to pray for our husbands and strive to strengthen our marriages! Chrystal Brothers has a wonderful devotional for having an "Intentional Marriage." 

In this devotional book you'll find a daily verse and then a quick challenge to you for the day. Something like praising your husband may seem simple but if you're not in the practice of doing so it may take time to get used to. Find something to praise your husband for today! 

Other challenges may feel a little more daunting like asking your husband some tough questions. I know many days my husband and I will talk about the kids, things that need done, conversations we've had with friends or any number of other things. It's not very often that we get down to some of the tougher questions like "What's your biggest struggle in following God's will?" or even fun questions like "Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?" 

I love that Chrystal challenges us to get to know our husbands more intimately again instead of just going through daily life as usual without really connecting. 

Click here to view more details and purchase your own copy of "Intentional Marriage" by Chrystal Brothers and learn how to have an intentional marriage. 

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