Monday, September 8, 2014

Are You Ready?

Get ready! It's going to be here Wednesday for one week only! Have you been telling your friends to earn your bundle for FREE?

How YOU Can Earn a FREE Bundle

 1. Click here and enter your e-mail address.

1. Click 
here and enter your e-mail address.
2. You'll receive a unique code.
3. Share this code with your friends on social media, e-mail, or whatever mode you prefer.
4. For each friend who signs up—no, not to purchase the bundle, just signs up to get a reminder about the bundle—you'll receive rewards!

What YOU Get

• Refer 10 friends = Receive the Ultimate Bundle FREE!
• Refer 5 friends = Receive the 12 week Healthy Living audio course ($27 value)
• Refer just 1 friend = Receive $5 off your purchase of the Ultimate Bundle.
If you are a fellow blogger you can get in on the action by becoming an affiliate for the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. 

Sneak Peak

Tell your friends, earn it all for FREE and don't miss it starting September 10th! 

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